The Hive on 16th is a creative coworking space in Denver, CO.

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The Hive on 16th is a place for your business to thrive. We know that creatives and entrepreneurs need certain things out of a space, so we’ve made them all happen. The location is in the heart of the City—Tremont and 16th. The space is stunning—inspiring, bright, and beautiful. The amenities are unique—a photo studio, a weekly pancake breakfast, incredible craft coffee, and more.

Keep reading to learn more about what makes the Hive so good.


work spaces

As a remote employee or a small business owner, you’ve lived in the grey area created by working from home. “When am I working and when am I just home?” It can be a blur, resulting in worse working and worse resting. You’ve also done the coffee shop thing. Coffee shops are wonderful places, but how many days per week can you camp at a table, wondering if you need to buy another muffin since you’ve been taking up space all morning? It’s not a solution.

Coworking is a solution, and we think it’s a great solution. Whether you need a place to sit and work a few days a week, or a dedicated desk every day where all of your stuff can stay week in and week out, this is about the best place to make that happen. Can’t beat the killer wifi, the amazing craft coffee, or the well-stocked snack bar and fridge. If you’re here on Friday we cater in lunch, too.

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workspace pricing

  • Daily Hot Seat • $25/day
  • Hot Seats • From $65/mo.
  • Designated Desk • $329/mo.
  • Private Offices • From $735/mo. • Keep scrolling to learn more.
private offices

Enjoy the amenities of the workspace, but add a closed door, room for a second member of your team, and a window looking over Denver’s 16th Street Mall and Republic Plaza.

The room is yours. Hang a whiteboard, bring in that big chair you love, put your logo on the door, but remember that the whole Hive is still yours to work in when you need a change of scenery.

Contact us for availability or to learn more

priced from $735/mo.



meetings & events

Do you need a place where the whole team can meet up now and then? Take advantage of our light-filled, well-outfitted conference rooms with excellent wifi, great craft coffee, whiteboards and a 55″ screen for your presentation.

Members • $25/hr. or $200/day
Non-members • $35/hr. or $250/day

Do you need a downtown space to throw a party or corporate event? Impress and entertain just off the 16th street mall in our big, open room. Use our kitchen, fill the space, and make it an event to remember.

From $250

Contact us for availability and a free estimate


benefits for all members

  • Hi Speed WiFi
  • Coffee Bar (Irving Farm Coffee)
  • Stocked Fridge (ShareGood Breakfast)
  • Kitchen with Sink, Microwave & Fridge
  • Phone Booths
  • Whiteboards
  • Printing & Copying
  • Guest Pass Access



04the space

hot seats
private offices
% more productivity



irving farm coffee roasters

Coffee matters for productivity. Coffee is a thing of community. Coffee can take an early morning and wake it up in an instant. We love coffee at the Hive on 16th.

There were a lot of roasters to choose from when we were looking to partner with one for our in-house craft coffee bar. Although Denver is abounding in excellent roasters, we decided to stretch a bit outside the norm for this city. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters is owned and operated by David Elwell and Steve Leven of New York City, two of the founders of what we now call “Third Wave” coffee. There are seven Irving Farm cafes in New York City, but we’re the only provider of their coffee that we know of in the Denver area.

Come by for a cup and a free day of work!


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