Greg: Communications for Development Global Partnerships


Greg is the Executive Director of the media consultancy firm and works as a full-time consultant with the United Nations, where he writes speeches and blogs and manages communications for the UNDP’s climate change adaptation portfolio. Greg is a reformed travel writer. He’s written books about dozens of countries worldwide. He likes skiing, outdoor adventures, and has secret plans to one day write an amazing (or at least halfway good) novel. Stop by and say hi.

Brett: BAM Detailing


Brett is a Steel Detailer, drafting steel blueprints for structural and miscellaneous construction. He works with a team of sub-contractors out of Tennessee, and he collaborates with fabricators, contractors, and engineers to provide efficiency and accuracy to the structural integrity of construction all across the nation.

JD: Art /Rhetor


Art /Rhetor is church communications as a monthly service. Ran by JD and Sara Raab, their goal is to empower the local church with effective, efficient communication platforms of artistic and rhetorical excellence.

They seek to address a need in the Church, where people who are trained for ministry and not practical communication have to find solutions for design, web, print, etc. Whereas many churches feel the need to hire in this situation, the cost to value ratio can often be a stretch, especially when spiritual formation and community care are way more important for the life of the church. Remaining options include finding a volunteer or to hiring freelance, which can be expensive.

Art /Rhetor seeks to solve this puzzle. It’s a way less expensive solution than hiring, more dependendable, more church-oriented, and less expensive than freelance, and a much easier, higher-output option than coordinating with volunteers.

Check out he and his wife’s work and learn more about their business at